October 2017

Computer Science Distilled Review

Review of Computer Science Distilled, by Wladston Ferreira

I have read Wladston Ferreira “Computer Science - Distilled’ last month these are the conclusions of why I personally recommend it to read:

From the point of view of a self-paced computer science apprentice and enthusiastic, I have found Wladston’s Book incredibly intuitive. I completely agree with the profile of people he suggest the book to.
In my particular case, I have been acquiring computer science concepts, not with an specific order or path but by needs. Whenever I needed to check how something works I did it and include it to the coding toolbox. But this is not a good way because you realise that some concepts depends on other things and it can happen two things: you enter in a infinite loop of reading new things to understand your first question, or you just go on with a weak knowledge. Both of them are a disaster.

Wladston’s book instead has a perfect order for understanding in a sequential order, where you need the tools you learn in one chapter to understand the following until the end. Furthermore, he uses so easy language and examples that concepts that would sound crazy by reading online you realise it makes a lot of sense, even for non-computer science backgrounds. 

I strongly recommend to read the book. After finishing you will feel more confortable with main concepts of computer science and the new knowledge you are interesting in adquiere will be settled more naturally above the solid base that the book provides. The only ‘but’ is that the last two chapters becomes so interesting that I would have liked the book to be longer, I hope Wladston has a Volume II on mind!